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World Series of Poker -- Haydon Wins $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed (Latest News About Casino, Poker, Baccarat in Philippines)

World Series of Poker -- Haydon Wins $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed
Article ID 00043439
Author Scott McDaniel
Date JULY 27 2022
William Haydon entered the final table of event No. 26 ($2,500 No-Limit Hold’em Six Handed) last in chips, with only one previous WSOP cash to his name. By the night’s end, he was holding his first World Series of Poker bracelet and was $630,031 richer. These comebacks happen in poker, but Haydon’s climb to the top is maybe even less surprising than his live tournament stats suggest. Looking at his online poker results, Haydon could have been seen as the favorite all along. After all, the San Francisco native has been blowing up the online poker scene for some time, accumulating more than $1 million in online poker tournament winnings. But his first WSOP title wasn’t easy by any means. The chip lead changed hands several times and he had to crack Joe Baldwin’s pocket kings to get heads up with Jeffrey Papola. From there he held a dominating chip lead and got it all in with the best hand, and it held. After three days of play that saw 1,245 players vying for the WSOP win, Haydon’s patience and consistent play put him in front of the camera, holding his bracelet and a smile. Here’s a look at the final table results: 1. William Haydon — $630,031 2. Jeffrey Papola — $391,068 3. Joe Baldwin — $248,265 4. Eddy Scharf — $163,649 5. Jarred Solomon — $110,903 6. Steve Cowley — $77,228 Here’s how the eliminations went down, as reported on Card Player’s live updates : Cowley Outdrawn, Falls in Sixth ($77,228) Steve Cowley made it 105,000 to go and Jeffrey Papola made the call. Papola checked on a flop of J 6 3 and Cowley bet 140,000. Papola made the call. The turn brought the 10 and Papola again checked, allowing Cowley to bet 215,000. This time Papola check-raised all in, having Cowley covered. Cowley called and saw the bad news. Papola showed J 10 for a turned two pair, while Papola showed A J for a pair of jacks. The river was the 8 and Cowley won eliminated in 6th place, winning $77,228. The pot took Papola into the chip lead, with more than 2.5 million in chips. Solomon Busts in 5th Place ($110,903) Play was 5-handed for nearly four hours before another player was lost. That player was Jarred Solomon. Solomon moved all in for just over 1 million from the button and Joe Baldwin took a moment to think it over, then called. Their hands: Solomon: K 10 Baldwin: A Q The board ran A J 6 4 2 and Solomon missed everything, busting in 5th place and winning $110,903. Baldwin was the new chip leader with 3.7 million in chips. Scharf Runs Into Aces, Out in 4th ($163,649) Eddy Scharf was the short stack at the table when he pushed all in from under the gun. Unfortunately for him, Jeffrey Papola woke up with a monster. Papola re-raised all in over the top and everyone folded. Their hands: Scharf: Q J Papola: A A On a flop of 8 4 J Scharf had some outs, and the 9 turn gave him some more. But the river blanked with a 5 and Scharf was the 4th-place finisher, winning $163,649. Action was down to 3-handed. Papola exploded to 3.3 million in chips, which was good for second place, just behind Joe Baldwin’s 3.8 million and well ahead of William Haydon’s 1.9 million. Baldwin’s Kings Cracked in Third Place ($248,265) William Haydon moved all in from the small blind and Joe Baldwin had to be pleased to look down and see K K . He called, and Haydon showed A 7 and was calling for an ace. He got one. The flop came A Q 3 and he took the lead. He never lost it. The turn was the 8 and the river brought the 9 , and Baldwin was the third-place finisher, winning $248,265. With that, they were down to two players — Haydon and Jeffrey Papola. Haydon had around 7.3 million chips to Papola’s 1.9 million. Papola Meets Broadway, Out in 2nd Place ($391,068) Not long into their heads up battle, Jeffrey Papola moved all in and William Haydon made the call. Their cards: Haydon: A J Papola: A 6 Papola was in bad shape and the K Q 4 flop didn’t help. The board finished with the 9 and the 10 , giving Haydon the unnecessary broadway straight and his first WSOP title. He earned $630,031 for the win. Papola took second place and $391,068.

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