Hotel Rooms & Suites

Just like what its name suggests, Hotel Stotsenberg is a luxurious, lavish hotel that is ready to serve its guests! The Hotel mainly boasts its most high-quality feature among many others: the fantastic accommodations in its hotel rooms, as well as the services that come with it. Hotel Stotsenberg has a massive convention center that holds at least 238 rooms in total, capable of accommodating up to 650 guests all at the same time. The Hotel also offers a variety of rooms for all its guests, including 2 Presidential suites, 52 executive suites, as well as 184 deluxe rooms in which the price ranges from PHP 4,400 to PHP 5,500 per night depending on the room you booked. The Hotel also has a variety of cuisines ranging from Italian, American, Korean, Japanese, as well as other Asian cuisines. Check out all the details below.

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