Casino Plus

Casino Plus is the official and newest casino gambling outlet at the luxurious Hotel Stotsenberg at Clark, Pampanga. Casino Plus definitely stays true to its name, with lots of 'plus' benefits including deals, promos, and a generous welcome package that await the new casino plus players. There are definitely lots of special features found at Casino Plus, which would explain the surge of Casino Plus players despite being a relatively new online casino.

This whole section is dedicated to everything Casino Plus-related! Indulge yourself in a wide selection of articles about Casino Plus, explaining all the details about the rising casino including its features, promos, registration process, and more. Take a look below:


By making Stotsenberg Casino more known in the Philippines, Casino Plus, the Philippines’ only online and offline casino is quite well known for its online casino with its quite distinct games. Hotel Stotsenberg not only provides you with the best features and gameplay offered from the top online casinos in the Philippines, but also organizes the most popular casinos for you.

Learn more all about Hotel Stotsenberg’s Casino Plus, together with its world-class and amazing online and offline casinos right now.

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